Kentuckians deserve and expect experienced leadership at the state-level, especially as we face inflation and recover from the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

I have a track record of supporting our local businesses. I’ve also been awarded the Friend of Kentucky Cities award multiple times, and I will continue to remove burdensome regulations that hamper growth.

House Bill 88 (2024) – sponsored by M. Meredith; consumer protection legislation that outlaws spam and junk mail that is being mailed to homeowners by greedy companies posing as their bank or financial institution.

House Bill 311 (2019) – sponsored by M. Meredith; this act will prevent lab-grown protein products from being labeled as meat. As more and more lab-grown products hit grocery shelves, Kentucky legislators have chosen to be a leader on this emerging issue. Our Commonwealth is the largest beef cattle producing state east of the Mississippi River, and as such, our consumers deserve to know that the word ‘meat’ means something.

House Bill 133 (2018) – cosponsored by M. Meredith; this law was specifically designed to cut the red tape for our farming community. By amending previous legislation relating to the transportation of agricultural commodities and supplies, this law will allow for less strict regulations surrounding our agricultural planting and harvesting seasons.

House Bill 153 (2018) – cosponsored by M. Meredith; another piece of legislation intended to remove burdensome regulations on our businesses, House Bill 153 will allow for a 10% weight variance for vehicles transporting feed for livestock or poultry.

House Bill 2 (2018) – supported by M. Meredith; Enacting multiple changes to Workers Compensation, this piece of legislation will enhance Kentucky’s business competitiveness by offering relief to small businesses. The changes will shorten the timeframe to receive benefits, but also increase the amount of benefits that an employee may receive.


Meredith chairs the House Banking and Insurance Committee in Frankfort where he has helped remove burdensome regulations that hamper growth. A local businessman himself, Meredith embodies a unique perspective in the House that resonates with the diverse needs of his constituents.

Prior to the pandemic, we were experiencing the lowest unemployment rate in Kentucky in my lifetime. I’m proud to have been a part of the policies that led us to this economic success. In 2018, our conservative majority was able to foster 17,000+ new jobs and $9 billion in new investments for our Commonwealth. I believe economic growth and education are the keys to success for our young people. I want to ensure jobs are available to our high school and college graduates, providing them the opportunity to stay in Kentucky to live and raise their families.

House Bill 551 (2023) – sponsored by M. Meredith; a groundbreaking bill that allows our citizens to participate in sports wagering without having to cross state lines. Rep. Meredith was among a select group of legislators who “went to bat” for Kentucky business during the 2023 Kentucky General Assembly by displaying conspicuous actions to strengthen business, improve competitiveness, and ensure growth. He received a Kentucky Chamber MVP Award for this legislation.

House Bill 8 (2022) – co-sponsored by M. Meredith; To make Kentucky more competitive for economic growth, personal income tax rates dropped in Jan 2023 and Jan 2024, and further decreases are planned.

House Bill 475 (2022) – sponsored by M. Meredith; a constitutional amendment to allow the General Assembly to consider comprehensive local tax reform to make our communities mor competitive.

House Bill 339 (2019) – primarily sponsored by M. Meredith; this legislation helped eliminate many inequalities that existed among city governments. The bill earned Rep. Meredith a 2019 “Friend of Kentucky Cities” Award from KLC for his work. Among many provisions, the newly signed law will remove outdated law and give more local control to individual cities.


Our nation’s veterans will always be a priority for me. I am grateful many of my colleagues in the General Assembly joined me in passing legislation to secure funding for our local veterans nursing home. This work has been my proudest legislative accomplishment. It has been an honor to work with veterans at the state and local level to take the necessary steps to bring this nursing facility to life. I can say this with absolute certainty: the people of Edmonson County, Warren County and Southcentral Kentucky know how to honor our veterans.

In 2017, Representative Meredith was honored by the Military Officers of America, Cumberland Trace Chapter, for his work to bring a veteran’s nursing home to Bowling Green. A study by the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs had previously concluded that south central Kentucky was the area most in need of a veteran’s nursing home.

Rep. Meredith championed legislation which committed $10.5 million in matching state bond funds for the facility. In 2020 Rep. Meredith went to work again to secure another $2.5 million dollars for the project because the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs did not have enough funds in their reserves to do needed maintenance on facilities in other areas of the state and the necessary design and pre-construction work for the Bowling Green facility.

House Bill 30 (2024) – sponsored by M. Meredith; this important legislation related to Veteran’s Issues is focused on suicide prevention. The bill also recognizes that active-duty military, veterans, and their families must also be treated with dignity and deserve to have their constitutional rights protected.

House Bill 2 (2023) – sponsored by M. Meredith; the measure appropriates $16.63 million of additional funds to construct the Bowling Green Veterans Center due to construction cost increases.

House Bill 24 (2020) – sponsored by M. Meredith; signed into law, this legislation helped speed up plans to bring a fifth veterans’ nursing facility to Kentucky. The bill appropriated $2.5 million in state moneys needed to complete design and pre-construction work to expedite construction of the facility in Bowling Green. One hundred percent of the design and pre-construction work must be completed before federal funding will be allocated.

House Bill 399 (2019) – cosponsored by M. Meredith; this law allows military children whose families are transferring to Kentucky to pre-enroll in a local school.

House Bill 13 (2017) – sponsored by M. Meredith; this measure committed $10.5 million in matching state bond funds for a veterans’ nursing home in Bowling Green. House Bill 13 is a necessary step for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to allocate federal dollars to begin construction on the much-needed 90-bed facility, which will serve 17 counties in Southcentral Kentucky.


Thank you to each trooper, officer, deputy, and firefighter, paramedic and EMT active and retired, for your dedication to our citizens. May God protect you as you protect and serve the Commonwealth!

While in the General Assembly, I have worked to secure increases in incentive pay and state aid funding for police officers, firefighters, and qualified volunteer fire departments. I have many friends and family members that are firefighters and law enforcement officers which gives me a first-hand appreciation of their service and sacrifice.

Helping our first responders has always been a priority for me. I firmly believe we must protect those who protect us.

I am a fiscal conservative but public safety and protecting the most vulnerable in our society are at the top of my list of necessary expenditures.

House Resolution 57 (2024) – cosponsored by M. Meredith; A RESOLUTION urging the Kentucky Governor to express support for the State of Texas in their efforts to secure the border.

House Bill 273 (2019) – sponsored by M. Meredith; this law will create a PEER Support program, The Alan “Chip” Terry Professional Development & Wellness Program, for firefighters.

House Bill 122 (2018) – sponsored by M. Meredith; this measure exempted volunteer fire departments from having to report annually to the Department for Local Government. It instead requires departments to file annual reports and be subject to audits that would be handled by the Fire Commission, which uses a simpler process and will be free to volunteer fire departments saving their limited resources.

House Bill 140 (2018) – cosponsored by M. Meredith; this law increased the annual supplement paid to police officers and firefighters to $4,000 and increased state-aid funding for volunteer fire departments to $11,000.

House Bill 68 (2018) – cosponsored by M. Meredith; this piece of legislation required the Department of Criminal Justice Training to provide a confidential law enforcement professional development and wellness program.

House Bill 275 (2018) – sponsored by M. Meredith; relating to special deputies, House Bill 275 permitted sheriffs in all counties to appoint one special deputy for every 1,000 persons living in the county.


Healthcare is expensive. Prescription drug costs have skyrocketed. I have fought for legislation that ensures we pay the cheapest possible prices for your prescriptions. We must balance the need for better health care and additional health insurance options with the need to restrict over-prescribed drugs such as opioids.

I have seen first-hand the services for both the patient and the patient’s family provided by palliative care. In 2014, I was awarded the Hospice Champion Award from the Kentucky Hospice and Palliative Care Association for my work on House Bill 145 during the 2014 session.

House Bill 1 (2020) – supported by M. Meredith; this bill would have been the first step towards real accountability for public assistance programs. For these programs to properly serve our most vulnerable friends and neighbors, we must be able to catch fraud and misuse. The goal of this bill was to finally eliminate the barriers that keep people from getting and keeping a job.

House Bill 12 (2020) – supported by M. Meredith; this measure would have a positive impact on roughly 500,000 Kentuckians. House Bill 12 limits out-of-pocket costs for insulin prescriptions. The legislation mandates the cost of insulin would be capped at $100 per prescription for a 30-day insulin supply.

House Bill 463 (2018) – sponsored by M. Meredith; aimed at saving Kentuckians money on prescriptions, this measure provides transparency to consumers by letting them know if the cash price of a prescription would be cheaper than the cost sharing (co-pay) if they were using their insurance.


I have supported some of the strongest pro-life legislation that’s come through the Kentucky Legislature. I will continue to fight for our families, including working towards better adoption practices and support for expectant mothers.

I was taught marksmanship, gun safety and the proper handling of a firearm by my grandfather at a very young age. I plan to teach my daughters about gun safety and marksmanship. Protecting our 2nd Amendment rights is a priority for me.

Freedom of religion is not something we should debate. After hearing from several small churches in the 19th District, I sponsored legislation to protect religious organizations and our freedom of religion from significant fines over workers compensation insurance.

House Bill 357 (2024)cosponsored by M. Meredith; this law will prohibit financial institutions from discriminating against a firearms retailer and disclosing a consumer’s private financial information. The legislation also prevents financial institutions from keeping lists and registries that single out private firearm ownership. Because this is part of our Second Amendment rights, the Attorney General will have the power to enforce that our freedoms remain just that.

House Resolution 45 (2024) – cosponsored by M. Meredith; A RESOLUTION expressing support for the State of Israel and the Israeli people and condemning the violent attack on October 7, 2023 by Hamas.

House Bill 454 (2018) – supported by M. Meredith; this law will prohibit a particularly gruesome type of abortion procedure, known as D & E, after 11 weeks. This procedure was targeted due to the inhumane dismemberment that takes place.

House Bill 2 (2017) – supported by M. Meredith; known as the Ultrasound Informed Consent Act, this law requires an ultrasound prior to an abortion procedure.

House Bill 306 (2017) – sponsored by M. Meredith; House Bill 306 relieved small churches of burdensome insurance premiums and fines for non-compliance.

House Bill 279 (2013) – cosponsored by M. Meredith; Created a new section of KRS Chapter 446 to specify that government shall not burden a person’s or religious organization’s freedom of religion; protect the right to act or refuse to act on religious grounds; specify that government shall prove by clear and convincing evidence prove a compelling governmental interest in establishing a burden on the freedom of religion; specify what constitutes a burden.


House Bill 553 (2023) – supported by M. Meredith; helping to make school funding available for growing districts. This law makes sure that no school district shall receive LESS than the EXACT final amount owed to them of the common school funds budget. Thanks to Rep. Meredith and other legislators, state funding was able to be provided for Edmonson County Schools and Bowling Green Independent Schools. Their Boards of Education have approved plans for the district’s Local Area Vocational Education Center (LAVEC) to be expanded at ECHS and built on the campus of BGHS. Edmonson County is adding an allied health wing and expanding the agriculture auto mechanics and welding spaces. Plans at BGHS include a childcare center, the technology dept, and the industrial maintenance dept.

Election Integrity

House Bill 341 (2024) – sponsored by M. Meredith; the legislation closes a loophole that might have allowed non-U.S. citizens to vote in Kentucky. HB 341 ensures elections are for U.S. citizens only.